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Dental health research

Dental health research

In a recent endeavor to unravel the intertwined relationship between dental health and holistic well-being, 21D spearheaded a comprehensive survey in October 2023.


This endeavor collated insights from 1,000 adults residing in the UK who have been grappling with subpar teeth or gum health. The focal point of this research was to discern the ripple effect of dental health issues on the individuals’ self-confidence and mental equilibrium.

Impact on mental health

The findings painted a poignant picture of the mental health repercussions steered by dental ailments. A significant 32% of the respondents echoed that the declining state of their dental health has cast a shadow over their mental well-being. 

Delving deeper, the degree of impact showcased variance; a notable 33% of this cohort felt that their mental health was significantly tarnished, while 50% reported a moderate impact, and the remaining 15% experienced a nominal yet discernible dip in their mental wellness.

Impact on confidence

Venturing into the realm of self-assurance, a predominant 51% of the surveyed individuals acknowledged that their dwindling dental health has erected barriers in their general confidence. 

The gradient of impact was once again apparent; 40% of these individuals found their confidence severely undermined, 42% felt a moderate decline, and 17% were nudged into a slight wane in self-assurance, underscoring the intrinsic link between a healthy smile and a robust self-image.

Access to care

The path to remedying dental ailments seemed fraught with hurdles, as revealed by the respondents’ elucidations on their healthcare access predicaments. Economic constraints emerged as the most formidable barrier, with 34% of individuals citing affordability as the linchpin. A sizable 25% were held back by dental anxieties, while 16% pointed towards a scarcity of accessible dental care facilities. A minor 5% were deterred by the protracted wait times. Y

et, hope glistened on the horizon as an overwhelming 72% exhibited a willingness to consider dental implants, if financial constraints were to be lifted, shedding light on the pent-up demand for quality dental care and the potential trajectory towards enhanced dental health and overall well-being.