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Transform your smile with the world’s most advanced full mouth dental implant technology. 

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Are you tired of closed-lip smiles?

You’re not alone. Severe dental issues such as receding gums, discoloration, and missing teeth make it difficult to show your teeth in public. And when it comes to loose teeth or gum decay, you may even have to avoid eating certain foods altogether. Eventually, hiding your smile becomes a full-time job.

What if your smile could get another chance—without settling for dentures?

Our full mouth dental implants in Edinburgh give you the restart you’ve been dreaming of. At 21D, we offer fully guided surgery, AKA the world’s most accurate method for All-on-4 smiles.

Translation: We’re the quickest, safest, and most cost-effective solution for complete dental transformation. With 21D’s full jaw rehabilitation, you get lasting confidence and a renewed sense of self.

Our AMAZING Clinicians

21D was designed by dental implant specialists in Edinburgh who are passionate about using cutting-edge technology to radically transform the Smile in a Day procedure.

Dr. David Veige DD

Dr. David Veige, a highly skilled dental technician turned implant surgeon, co-created the 21D Solution for precise, minimally invasive guided implant dentistry.

Dr. Izabela Turek

Dr Izabela Turek, the UK's foremost entire jaw surgical clinician and clinical lead at 21D, showcases a commitment to excellence in achieving outstanding results with minimal patient trauma. We are confident that our team can give you the quality care you deserve.

Dr. Anta Riekstina ZRS

Dr. Anta Riekstina brings over two decades of experience specialising in implantology and full-mouth rehabilitation, earning trust through advanced training.

Ready for your Smile in a Day transformation?

We leverage the power of technology, dental implant expertise, and a passion for people to radically transform how you enhance your smile.

Our Edinburgh dental implant clinic uses specialized CAD software to create 3D-printed prosthetics. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our seasoned technicians, dentists, and nurses perform your full jaw rehabilitation within just a few hours.

Whether laughing, speaking, or sharing a meal, 21D’s state-of-the-art implants ensure your smile looks authentically yours. Embrace the natural look and feel of our full mouth dental implants in Edinburgh —they’ll get you excited about looking in the mirror each morning.

Hear from the 21D Family

Does this sound like you?

Good news! You’re the perfect candidate for 21D’s full mouth dental implants in Edinburgh.

Our implantology experts have been helping hundreds of UK residents heal their relationship with their smiles (and the dentist). 21D’s signature 3D implant process reduces the time, pain, and stress associated with traditional dental implant procedures.

Why EDINBURGH residents love 21D

By directly anchoring your 3D printed dental implants into the jawbone, 21D’s revolutionary All-on-4 approach provides you with all the benefits and functions of natural teeth without the inconvenience or maintenance of dentures.

Benefits of full mouth dental implants in Edinburgh include:

What can I expect from my full mouth dental implant experience?

Clinical Examination

We start by performing a CBCT scan (3D digital imaging) and collecting relevant medical history data, which helps us determine whether you are eligible for our Smile in a Day procedure.

Medical Prognosis & Treatment Options

Using the information from your clinical exam, we provide you with a prognosis for your upper and lower jaw, along with our proposed treatment options, care plan, and quote.

Booking & Design

The next step is booking your surgery date while we get to work on designing your bespoke All-on-4, All-on-6, or All-on-X dental implants using 3D printers and CNC milling machines in what we call a “Screen-to-Mouth” process.

Surgery Day

Approximately three weeks following your initial consultation, you’ll come into our Edinburgh clinic for your dental implant surgery, typically lasting 2-3 hours. You’ll leave with a brand-new smile and an oral device to help your jaw adjust to your new teeth.

Post-Surgery Care

4-8 weeks post-surgery, you’ll come in for a follow-up appointment where our dentists will take additional 3D scans to ensure your full mouth dental implants are healing as expected. After around 8-16 weeks, we’ll ask you to come in for your final appointment, where we remove your temporary oral device and schedule annual checkups to ensure your new smile is fully integrated and healthy.

Why Choose 21D?

We provide the most modern and high-tech approach to All-on-4 and All-on-6 Dental Implants in Edinburgh.

Our proprietary 21D system uses 100% computer-guided technology, ensuring accuracy (within 100 microns!), safety, and minimal discomfort.

21D’s All-on-4 and All-on-X implants are entirely designed and created in-house by our CAD and dental technician experts—no outsourcing to labs.

95% of patients receive full mouth dental implants in 2 hours or less.

It is the most cost-effective and reliable solution on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Edinburgh dental implant clinic offers a 3-year biological “peace of mind” warranty and a 5-year mechanical warranty.

When it comes to your body’s biological response to full mouth dental implants, many individual factors can affect the integrity of the implants. However, we understand that Smile in a Day implant constitutes a significant investment, so we offer a 3-year warranty that covers any biologically-related surgery or implant revision required during this period. Additionally, our mechanical warranty covers any physical defects during the five years.

Absolutely! The 21D philosophy is designed to improve efficiency, making beautiful smiles accessible to as many. That’s why working with our clients to develop payment plans is a massive part of our mission. Learn more about pricing or check out our payment calculator here.

The total process, from the day of your clinical consultation to the day of your final fit, is around 10-16 weeks (3-4 weeks from consultation to surgery plus 6-12 weeks of follow-up care). Thanks to our cutting-edge technology and expertise in All-on-4 dental implants, we can complete full jaw rehabilitation in under 1 hour per jaw for 95% of our clients.
We don’t offer general anesthesia, as it can only be legally administered within hospital environments in the UK. In addition to local anesthesia, our dentists also provide oral sedation free of charge, which helps manage anxiety. We also offer intravenous (IV) anesthesia for an additional charge, as highly trained professionals must carry it out.
Check out the full scope of FAQs.

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It’s time for less hiding and more smiling!

Life’s too short to keep walking on eggshells or waiting for the other shoe (or tooth) to drop. Start walking with confidence with 21D’s dental implants in Edinburgh.