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21D Harrogate offers the World’s Most Advanced Full Jaw Dental Implant (all on 4) solution, to regain the smile you have lost.

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The 21D Solution is simply Better

The Worlds Most Advance Full Jaw Solution

Discover the world of full-mouth dental implants (All on 4 Dental Implants) to restore your smile with our meticulous and professional approach from our Harrogate Clinic. At 21D, we proudly offer a revolutionary full mouth dental implant rehabilitation that will leave you 100% satisfied with a confident smile in less than an hour per jaw.

Our Harrogate team is committed to excellence, and we strive to integrate art and technology into our approach to ensure precision and efficiency at every step. Our cutting-edge computer-guided implant delivery systems make implant-supported complete dentures the best and most affordable, and our countless smiling faces are a testament to our expertise and dedication.

Key Features of Full Mouth Dental Implants in  Harrogate


At 21D, we facilitate a swift and efficient smile transformation with our advanced full jaw implant procedures. Say goodbye to prolonged waiting times; our hassle-free approach ensures a confident and vibrant smile in just 1 hour per jaw.


Experience a significantly safer journey to a perfect smile at 21D. Unlike traditional methods, our dental implants are designed with minimal discomfort. Our proprietary 21D Fully Computer Guided Delivery is accurate to sub 100 microns.


A quicker clinical journey for the patient, encompassing one surgical procedure and three non-surgical appointments. This rapid delivery of your new smile is unmatched worldwide.


We strive for maximum efficiency without compromising on clinical quality, offering unmatched cost-effectiveness to the numerous individuals who require our dental implant solution in Harrogate.


Our 21D Solution, a unique proprietary offering, presents the most effective global equilibrium between surgical and prosthetic trade-offs in its price category. We are confident that, within this price range, our solution is unparalleled in terms of clinical performance and sustained results.

Why Choose The
21D solution?

Discover why 21D is the superior choice for  Full Mouth Dental Implants in Harrogate.

Comfortable and Welcoming Setting

21D ensures a warm and friendly atmosphere, fostering a positive treatment journey for patients. Our commitment to comfort extends beyond clinical excellence, aiming for an experience that brings joy and satisfaction.

Flexible Finance Options

Financial worries can be daunting, but at 21D, we alleviate concerns with both diverse finance options and unmatchable cost-effectiveness. Access quality care without compromising your budget, ensuring your journey is affordable and effective.

In-House Expertise

With all procedures conducted in-house, we prioritise quality control. Our expert team ensures excellence from consultation to post-operative assessment, providing patients with consistent, top-notch care.

Comprehensive Sedation Choices

Addressing anxiety, 21D offers various sedation options, including oral and intravenous choices. Placing patient comfort as our top priority ensures a relaxed experience. However we do not put patients to sleep for surgery.

Holistic Wellbeing Focus

Acknowledging the profound impact of a smile on physical and mental well-being, 21D tailors treatments, allowing you to have a say in the outcome of your smile.

Innovative Patient-Centric Approach

21D seamlessly integrates surgical and prosthetic elements in various dental implant offerings, ensuring unparalleled quality at an unmatchable-able price point thanks to our revolutionary solution.

Meet Our Amazing Clinicians

Dr. David Veige DD

Dr David is a renowned Harrogate dentist turned implant surgeon. He co-created the 21D Solution for precise, minimally invasive guided implant dentistry.

Dr. Izabela Turek

As the UK's foremost entire jaw surgical clinician and clinical lead at 21D, Dr. Izabela Turek is dedicated to achieving outstanding results with minimal patient trauma. Our team is confident in providing you with the quality care you deserve.


Graduating in Dentistry from Latvia's Riga Stradins University in 1996, Anta established a UK practice in 2008, specializing in implantology. She holds advanced certifications in Implant Dentistry and joined 21D for full mouth rehabilitation a year after its inception, bringing extensive experience in implant placement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The 21D Solution is crafted to not only conserve your time but also to economize your expenses. Thanks to the streamlined and reliable nature of our procedure, we’re able to considerably lower the labor costs associated with dental implants, allowing us to extend these savings directly to our patients.

Furthermore, we offer flexible Payment Plans via Tabeo. You can conveniently use our online calculator to explore and determine your monthly repayment options.

Our Fixed & Clear Fees are:

£8,995 Single Jaw
£16,995 Both Jaws

Booking a dental implant appointment in Harrogate is accessible to everyone. You can reach the 21D dental implant team by connecting directly to the clinics, dropping an email, or booking online on the website. Call us for a free consultation, or click “Contact Us” on the location page for more details. Engage with the live chat on the website to choose the option that suits you best. We are ready to guide you toward the best implant and the promised smile.

We offer a 3 year biological peace of mind warranty and a 5 year mechanical warranty. For the warranties to be valid, maintenance appointments must be attended at least once in every 12 month period following your day of surgery. Maintenance appointments are charged at £250 each.

Typically, some discomfort is expected with any surgical procedure. While each patient’s experience varies, the recovery period after surgery often spans 7 to 10 days. This pain can usually be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. Additionally, any bruising and swelling gradually diminish as the healing process progresses.

Your visit will include a one-hour session with a clinician, during which CBCT scans, intra-oral scans, and facial photographs will be taken. Using this information, we will analyze and typically provide you with a detailed and priced solution plan on the spot in 99% of cases. In certain instances, we might need to consult with our colleagues to finalize the plan. If this occurs, we aim to inform you within 24 hours. After receiving your priced solution plan, you can then decide if you wish to move forward to the next step.

Book Your Free Clinic Assessment

Full Jaw Dental Implant procedures are a lifelong investment, and at 21D, we’ve designed our services to be unmatchable for our patients.


With an unwavering commitment to quality and patient comfort, our pricing reflects unparalleled service and access to the most elite clinicians in the country.


We ensure you experience the utmost comfort on your journey to achieving the dream smile you’ve always wanted. Our personalised assistance and patient screening further guarantee a tailored experience. Start your smile journey and embark on the path to a lasting, confident smile with 21D.