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Introducing Claudia Costas-Roman: Community and Support Ambassador!

Dear Community,


Having transitioned from a patient to now providing support within this community, I want to address some recent concerns about my role. It’s crucial to me that you understand how I approach this responsibility.


I bring a dual perspective to this role -as a hopeful individual committed to integrity and as someone who has navigated significant challenges as a patient. While I do not have clinical expertise, I am dedicated to ensuring that any clinical questions raised in our community are directed to professionals or experts who can provide accurate guidance. It’s paramount to me that our discussions are grounded in reliable information that supports everyone’s well-being.


Every insight and story I share is deeply rooted in my personal journey over the past decade, which has profoundly shaped my understanding. I am eager to contribute and grateful for each opportunity to do so.


Contrary to a recent post I have seen, I want to clarify that I do not seek recognition or claim expertise beyond my own experiences. To maintain transparency and respect for everyone’s journey, I ensure that all clinical content is reviewed and endorsed by community overseers and experts before posting. Your understanding and support as we navigate this journey together mean a great deal to me.


In our interactions here, it is vital that we recognise the power of our words. Words have the ability to cut deeply. Negative comments and calling out others can subtly perpetuate bullying, which contradicts the supportive environment we aim to foster.


I encourage each of us to reflect on why we are part of this group, considering how our past or current challenges have shaped us emotionally. Let us contribute with empathy, recognising that we are both contributors and recipients of the wisdom shared here. Our community serves as a supportive network where personal journeys are shared to inspire and guide others towards dental wellness.


It is essential for patients to feel empowered to ask questions and trust that they will receive truthful answers here. Transparency and trust form the foundation of 21D and our community. Straying from these principles not only undermines trust but also diminishes the purpose for seeking help in the first place.


Let us uphold the integrity of this community by ensuring that all our interactions are characterised by honesty and respect. Together, we can create an environment where everyone feels empowered and well-informed on their path towards dental wellness.

Thank you for being part of this journey!

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