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We Love Our Dental Implants

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Lawrence M

I’d happily put my money
where my mouth is!

21D Dental are in my opinion the best full jaw implant specialist in the UK. Let me tell you why.

As a child of the 60s when dental care was disgraceful by today’s standards, my teeth were a bit of a mess even although I’d had some cosmetic work done over the years, partial bridges, root canal, there was bone loss due to historic gum disease etc and a large overbite.

It’s fair to say that mine was a complex case..

Over the few years prior to having my surgery with 21D, I did due diligence and paid for the scans and consultation with 6 other providers. These ranged in prices from 15k to 37k with either manual or semi-guided surgery and some required the wearing of dentures for a period of 6 months.

By comparison, 21D offers the best advanced fully-guided implant technology at a price-point of 17k to have implants and prosthetics installed on both jaws.

That total prices included, 1 assessment pre-surgery, a post surgery consultation and decision, the surgery appointment when implants are installed and temporary prosthetics are fitted, 2 post-surgery appointments to ensure the implants, bone and gums are healing correctly and the final appointment were the long-term prosthetics are fitted.

You do not get that amount of time and expertise in surgery in the UK or elsewhere at the price offered by 21D.

As the day of surgery came closer, my anxiety naturally grew , however in hindsight, there is nothing to fear.

The surgery itself was uncomfortable rather than painful and was all over in under 2.5 hours with 4 implants fitted on top and 5 on my bottom jaw. I went back to the hotel provided by 21D with a huge smile, a combination of that life-enhancing feeling of being able to smile properly again and the relief that the worst part of the journey had gone so well.

I honestly couldn’t have been looked after better by the 21D staff on the day, or at any other of the pre and post surgery appointments.

At my post-surgery appointment, I was even able to change the shape and colour of my final prosthetic.

The full team at 21D are fantastic, friendly and professional and nothing is too much of an effort.

As a final note, 21D does not have investors, but if they did, I’d happily put my money where my mouth is! 🙂

If you are considering full-jaw implant surgery, join the patient group on Facebook and give 21D a call to book a free assessment, you’ve nothing to lose and a life-enhancing smile to gain.

full mouth dental implants

Lloraine W

Im so grateful for finding 21D
A million thank yous!

I consider 21D to be an outstanding and professional clinic, caring and go above and beyond to make every aspect of your journey with them special.
I began my Journey in January 2024.
Isolated through ill health and uncomfortable painful teeth, and infections.
I had an assessment within days of contact and surgery was booked for 15th February after a holiday.
I have been looked after wonderfully, throughout every aspect of my journey. Surgery took 2 hours, painless, apart from slight scratch from injections. Izabella was amazing as were the nurses and reception staff. I had full jaw implants.
I recovered well, just a slight delay to top gums needing more healing time, to receive finals, which i had fitted today at Birchwood. Implants had healed within 4 weeks.
I’m so happy, life changing for me, as I feel so healthy, less gastric problems, infection free. Apart from joint problems I feel amazing.
I can venture out, not be a recluse or embarrassed of awful teeth. I now have a happy, healthy smile, and im so grateful for finding 21D.
A million thank yous

dental implants in the uk

Tracy W

Thank you 21D for giving me
the confidence to smile again

I would highly recommend 21D for your dental implants
From the first time l contacted them to my final teeth being fitted they have been fantastic with there professionalism and care and treatment
Having a great fear of dentists and my teeth in a terrible state at no time did they judge or question just gave me hope that l could smile again
On research they definitely looked the best company to go with and l am so pleased l did
At every stage of my treatment they have been so informative caring and professional
They tell you exactly what to expect link you in with a supportive Facebook group and what they charge is exactly what you pay no hidden extras here
Surgery day is explained in full by the kindest medical practitioner l have ever come across and both myself and partner who accompanied me were kept in comfort with him being offered hot drinks and a fully stocked soft drinks fridge
After care was great and having gums that were slow to heal on every visit l was reassured it was nothing l was doing wrong and advise given to rectify it
Now having my finals fitted l can say l have never been happier with my smile
This company are fantastic and if you are considering this procedure you will not find a better company
Thankyou 21D for changing my life and giving me the confidence to smile again



But how much are 21D dental implants?

Our fixed fees.

No hidden costs.

Not only does the 21D Solution save you time, it is also designed to save you money. The efficiency and predictability of the procedure means that we can significantly reduce the labour costs of dental implants and pass those savings on to our patients.


Click the button below for more details about our financing options!



Price For Both Jaws 

Monthly Cost:


9.9% over 48 months

Loan Amount:




Cost Of Solution:


Interest Payable:


Total Including Interest & Deposit:

£19 354.24

Price For Both Jaws 


£16 995

Why Choose 21D for Your Dental Implants in the UK?

dental implants uk


We realise life can be stressful, But getting back your smile shouldn’t be!

That is why have simplified every step of the journey by taking the more overcomplicated clinical steps into our own hands to ensure an easy stress free experience just for you!

best dental implants


At 21D Safety is paramount, due to our proprietary 21D Guide we are able to condense all the normal surgical procedures down just a single procedure.


Causing minimal discomfort and little to no pain!

how much for dental implants


21D Magic in minutes, Ok maybe not minutes but in only 2 hours you can re-claim your life and a gorgeous smile to go with it!

This is arguably the quickest procedure you will find globally.

dental implants near me


We understand that can be expensive to get dental implants, that is why we have streamlined our process and invested in the latest technology in order to keep our prices as low as possible without compromising on quality.

dental implants entire mouth


The smile is arguably the most powerful tool we as humans have to show happiness.


That is why our proprietary 21D Solution has been refined to be as painless and quick as currently possible globally

Our 21D Locations Around the UK

Coming Soon


Keep an eye on our news page for all 21D’s latest updates


Keep an eye on our news page for all 21D’s latest updates


Keep an eye on our news page for all 21D’s latest updates


Keep an eye on our news page for all 21D’s latest updates

Answers to Your Dental Implant Questions


How long is the surgery?

Your surgery appointment is 2 to 3 hours long. 

Does it hurt?

There is usually some pain involved in any surgical procedure. Every patient is different but generally the post surgery recovery process usually takes up to 7 to 10 days. Pain is managed by over the counter pain killers and the bruising and swelling subsides during the healing process.

Can you put me to sleep during the surgery?

We cannot and do not put people to sleep under general anaesthesia. In the UK this is not allowed outside a hospital environment for patient safety reasons.

What if the implants fail?

We offer a 3 year biological peace of mind warranty which means that during this period if any further surgery is required or an implant needs to be revised it will be undertaken free of charge.

Can I drive after surgery?

No. We advise all patients to be accompanied to their surgery and back home afterwards by car but the patient cannot drive.


If I have type 2 diabetes can I be treated?

Yes. If your Diabetes is under control we can treat you. We will need your last year of HbA1C test results in order to show that your Diabetes is under control before we can proceed with your solution. A test result of 50 or less is suitable to proceed with surgery.

I have gum disease. Can I be treated?

Many of our patients suffer from gum disease and we are able to treat them successfully. We would like you to come in for your free clinical assessment so that our clinicians can advise on suitability from the scans we take on the day.

Do I have to give up drinking?

No! We advise you not to drink immediately prior to or post surgery but it is not necessary to give up alcohol for a prolonged period of time.

Do I have to give up smoking?

You do not have to give up smoking but continuing to smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day substantially increases the risk of implant rejection. smoking can impede wound healing following implant surgery. Carbon monoxide produced by cigarette smoke has a higher affinity for haemoglobin, which reduces oxygenation of healing tissue. In addition, the cytotoxic effects of smoking can disrupt body cell repair and defence. We therefore advise all patients not to smoke. If you continue to smoke after your surgery your warranties will be invalid.

I have been told I need bone graft. Do you do this?

We do not do bone grafts but our solution is proven to be suitable for patients who have been told they need bone grafts by non specialist providers, and we have treated them successfully without the need for bone graft.

The 21D Solution

Why is it more expensive in the UK than going abroad?


In the UK, all dental professionals are regulated and monitored by the General Dental Council. Their job is to maintain professional standards and protect the public. UK registered dentists are required to keep up to date with modern techniques and show to be actively engaged in continuous professional development. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also monitors dental clinics and ensures they are safe environments for patients to be treated in. These are large ongoing costs which lead to higher costs of solutionfor patients in the UK. Whilst there may be regulatory mechanisms in overseas territories, they may not be as effective for the patient if something goes wrong. This level of scrutiny in the UK, whilst sometimes onerous, is ultimately there to protect patients.


Staffing Cost

In the U.K we have minimum wage requirements for all staff. Over and above this, our staff are highly skilled and are paid accordingly. In Eastern Europe and Turkey, it is not uncommon for dentists to be paid €1000 per month, nurses €200-€300 per month and dental technicians to be paid €400 per month. Some clinics are set up really well, others not so. Some clinics have excellent standards of sterilization and hygiene, others not so. Some clinics have excellent staff, others not so.


Cost of living

The cost of living in some of these countries is far lower than the UK As such this contributes to their charges for dental solution being cheaper than the UK.


Computer guided

Most overseas operators DO NOT provide fully computer guided implant delivery – Fully computer guided means just that. Everything is pre planned on computer screens and delivered EXACTLY as planned. This is an additional cost to SAFELY deliver implants and avoid vital structures such as nerves and blood vessels



Overall, there are good clinics and good clinicians who work to high standards worldwide… We work to a very high standard exclusively in the UK.

Why are fixed teeth better than wearing dentures?

Dentures are removable and have to be taken out a night. Dentures are uncomfortable and lead to bone tissue shrinkage if worn on a long term basis. The 21D solution of full arch fixed teeth on implants is a permanent and final solution which means that you should not experience further bone loss and gum disease from the point of surgery.

What is fully guided surgery?

The 21D fully guided solution is surgery that delivers your implants to within 100 microns of plan through the use of 3D printed digital guides that are unique to you, specialist CAD software and the comprehensive portfolio of digital data that we capture at your full clinical assessment.

Do you do All on 4?

Yes. We do all on 4 and use the appropriate number of implants including 3 and up to 6.

How long is the whole process?

From your initial free consultation it is between 10 and 16 weeks to your final fit.

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Sunday Times Top 100!

Exciting news for 21D as we’ve been recognized on the Sunday Times Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies list, coming in at number 28! This incredible growth rate of 137.31% means we’ll be able to help even more individuals achieve their dream smiles and get their MOJO back!

Introducing Claudia Costas-Roman!

Having transitioned from a patient to now providing support within this community, I want to address some recent concerns about my role. It’s crucial to me that you understand how I approach this responsibility.

full jaw implant cost

The Cost of Dental Implants

Are you considering dental implants but unsure about the cost? Investing in your smile is worth it, and in this complete guide, we will help you understand the true cost of dental implants.Dental implants offer a long-term solution for missing teeth, providing a natural-looking and durable replacement option. However, many people are hesitant due to concerns about the financial aspect.

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