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Meet Kim Lorraine: Her journey – 21D and Me!

Meet Kim Lorraine. In our conversation, she reflected on her journey, which began with the gradual loss of over seven teeth. This loss made everyday activities like eating challenging and smiling a distant memory. The onset of gum issues compounded her discomfort, pushing her to seek a permanent solution.


After extensive research and reading countless reviews, Kim was drawn to 21D’s stellar reputation and transparent pricing. The proximity and comprehensive service package sealed the deal, reassuring her that she was making the right choice for her dental implants.


Kim recalled the nerve-wracking experience of making that initial call, given her severe dental phobia. However, the warmth and reassurance of the staff member who answered the phone eased her anxiety. The free assessment offered was thorough and informative, laying out every detail of the procedure and setting her mind at ease.


When Kim received the news that she was a suitable candidate for surgery, she felt a mix of excitement and apprehension. She commended our meticulous approach as we continued to monitor her health closely in the lead-up to the surgery. She was also delighted by the complimentary hotel stay arranged for her and her husband the night before the surgery.


The day of the surgery arrived with its share of nerves, but oral sedation helped Kim to relax. She felt supported and well looked after. She appreciated the constant updates throughout the procedure, and the team’s attentiveness and compassion in guiding her through each step and ensuring her comfort.


During recovery, Kim was amazed by the temporary teeth provided, specially designed to aid in the healing process. She could not fault the exemplary aftercare, mentioning the much-needed ice cream provided to soothe her post-surgery discomfort. She also appreciated the post-surgery WhatsApp support, impressed with the dedication of the round-the-clock access to advice and support.


As the weeks passed, follow-up appointments revealed considerable progress in her healing journey. Each visit to 21D reaffirmed her decision to trust us with her dental health. She was especially impressed with the meticulous attention to detail during her data capture appointments and was delighted to receive a practical goody bag, further demonstrating our commitment to patient care.


Finals day arrived, and Kim was ecstatic with joy! Holding a celebratory bottle of champagne, she gazed at her new smile in the mirror with profound gratitude and newfound confidence. Now, Kim looks forward to her annual check-ups, assured that 21D is there for her whenever needed.


Summarising her journey, Kim expressed her deepest thanks and gratitude, stating that 21D didn’t just restore her smile; we transformed her life. She praised the exceptional care, skilled team of surgeons and nurses, and the unwavering support, extending her heartfelt thanks with a glowing five-star recommendation.

In Kim’s words, “Thank you, 21D for making such a profound difference in my life.”

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