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3-year biological peace-of-mind warranty​​

We cannot warrant the future biology of any individual patient beyond the point at which they were assessed. People age and they can develop systemic conditions that can affect the biomechanical integrity of the implants in time. Conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and a host of other systemic diseases may affect implant performance in the future. It is vitally important to keep us informed of any changes in your overall health at every annual maintenance you attend.

We understand that you are investing in implant therapy and as such we have introduced a three year biological peace-of-mind warranty. If any further surgery is required or an implant needs to be revised it will be undertaken free of charge during this period.

Outside of the biological warranty surgery is undertaken on a fee basis. We may decline further surgery if we do not believe it is in your best interests.

Mechanical Warranty and Material Rationale for 21D Prosthetics​​

At 21D, we specialize in crafting prosthetics designed for long-term durability and comfort. Our prosthetics feature a high-precision titanium bar bonded to milled PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate), selected for its excellent strength, comfort, and reproducibility.


It’s important to recognize that these prosthetics are engineered solutions, distinct from natural teeth. Like hip replacements, full jaw implant prosthetics have inherent limitations. Over time, they can experience wear or potential breakage, similar to any natural or replacement body part. A wear rate comparable to natural teeth (approximately 1-2 mm per decade) is considered clinically acceptable and typically does not compromise implant or bone health in the long term. Claims suggesting these prosthetics last “forever” are not accurate.


Nevertheless, our prosthetics are meticulously designed to endure. The titanium subframe, renowned for its strength, is coupled with PMMA, which acts as a shock absorber, dispersing chewing forces evenly across all implants.


With over two decades of experience in full mouth implants, we’ve found that titanium subframes rarely break due to their robustness. Instead, the PMMA serves as a protective barrier, designed to fracture under excessive biting forces. This strategic design minimizes the risk of damaging the titanium bar or the implants themselves, which could have more significant consequences.


Our decision to use titanium bonded to PMMA reflects extensive research and practical knowledge. Unlike materials like zirconia or ceramics that may introduce internal tensions during heating or curing, titanium and PMMA are processed beforehand, enhancing their reliability and reproducibility—key factors in ensuring long-term success.


Many of our patients enjoy the durability of these prosthetics, often lasting 10 to 15 years or more. This longevity underscores our commitment to quality materials and effective design. If a replacement prosthesis is ever needed, rest assured it can be precisely reproduced to match the original specifications, maintaining both anatomical fit and function.


At 21D, our goal is to provide prosthetic solutions that not only restore function but also enhance your overall quality of life. We are dedicated to delivering durable, reliable treatments tailored to meet your unique dental needs for years to come.