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Which implant system does 21D use? And most importantly, why do we use it?

We use an implant system manufactured in Italy called Fixo. This implant system in our view is the most optimal for our fully digital fully guided solution. It is a one piece implant (we will explain shortly why this is important) and it is made from medical grade 4 titanium.


The vast majority of dental implants used globally are made from medical grade titanium. There are implants that are made from zirconia but they have not been used as long as titanium and there is no evidence to suggest it is better than titanium and a lot of evidence to suggest that it is worse.


So we stick to tried and tested over 50 years, which is medical grade titanium.


The most common grades of titanium used for dental implants globally is grade 4 and grade 5. Both are great.


In the UK, we are a regulated profession and as such we are mandated to use CE certified medical grade implants. CE certification guarantees that the implants have been produced to a standard that is suitable for implantation into a human being long-term. All our implants are CE certified. In North America FDA certification is what is required and it is not too dissimilar to what is required for CE certification.

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Why do we use a one piece dental implant?

Most dental implants currently in use worldwide are two pieces.


Basically you have the implant itself with a hollow interface at the top into which we fit something called an abutment which is held in place using a screw and is attached by the dentist after placing the implant. The implant is placed at bone level or just below bone level.


The abutment provides the connection for the tooth prosthetic that we wish to attach.


Either a crown or a bridge or a full jaw prosthetic.


One piece implant is one in which the implant and abutment are all made out of one continuous piece of titanium with no screw connection holding the two parts together.


It is widely recognised that one of the complications of a two-piece implant is that continuous mechanical loading of the prosthetic from chewing function slowly loosens the screw that connects the abutment to the implant over time causing micro movement at bone level.


This micro movement creates a mini pump which draws bacteria to the bone level, and slowly starts infecting the bone around the implant. Long-term, this can cause implant failure. This is a known consequence of a two-piece implant particularly by clinicians who have used implants over decades.


A one piece implant on the other hand is made where the implant and the abutment are made from one piece of titanium and there is no interconnecting join or screw. This negates the possibility of having a micro pump at bone level hence greatly reducing the chances of the bone around the implant Being infected long-term. This is very important to us. This is why we use a one piece implant.


One piece implants are optimally designed to being delivered using highly precise surgical guides as we do. Most clinics do not use surgical guides in general and the ones that do do not use anywhere near the level of precision that we have in our guides. For them, this particular implant, is nowhere near as important as it is to us.


This one piece implant is not much use if you are trying to correct single teeth. For that correction you need ideally two-piece implants. This is what most dentists who do implants do. They do primarily single tooth implant technology.


At 21D we only do fully guided full mouth implants and nothing else. For us and for our patients the one piece implant methodology is best for long-term outcomes. Our surgical guides are optimised for one piece implants and our one piece implants are optimised for our surgical guides.


This is our ecosystem.